Sunday, July 14, 2024

Welcome to Malalo Sports Foundation

The Malalo Sports Foundation (MSF) is a registered organization limited by guarantee with the Patents and registration
agency in Zambia. Malalo means “Bridges” in the local language, a word that defines our scope very well. Our main
objective is to use sport, education, and innovation as tools towards the
creation of employment opportunities as wells as a means (bridge)…read more

Ben Van Nes – Collaborator United Kingdon

“On my recent trip to Zambia, I was privileged to see and experience some of the inspirational work that is being done by the Malalo Sports Foundation…read more

Pedro Almeida – Online Volunteer Brazil

“I believe in volunteering as a chance to learn and to change our society. When I saw the opportunity to work in the Malalo Project I also saw an opportunity to learn…read more

Rachael David – Online Volunteer USA

“I began online volunteering with the Malalo Sports Foundation in January 2011. The organisation’s goal and mission of using sport as a vehicle for social…read more

US Soccer Foundation, under the Passback program, sent us…READ MORE

Volunteer Recruitment through YPDO in collaboration with the UNVO

West Islip Soccer Collaborated with Malalo through the …READ MORE

Innovations towards better health and nutrition Food security program.

Allows MSF to use the Chililabombwe High School’s sporting…READ MORE

Bring smiles on the faces of children. MSF coordinates efforts…READ MORE

Rush Soccer and Malalo Sports Foundation are partners…READ MORE

Trained local volunteers and coaches into using sports…READ MORE