Tuesday, April 16, 2024

US Soccer Foundation, under the Passback programme sent us 3 used sets of jerseys that we helped the local schools. Through the Foundation’s Passback Program, new and gently used soccer gear is collected by organizations, teams, clubs, and individuals and is redistributed across the globe to help underserved communities play the Beautiful Game.

Ministry of Education
Allows MSF to use the Chililabombwe High School’s sporting infrastructure and grounds for training and competitions

United Nation Volunteer

Volunteer Recruitment through YPDO in collaboration with the UNVO:

Bring smiles on the faces of children. MSF coordinates efforts of the distribution of balls to communities.

West Islip Soccer NY
West Islip Soccer Collaborated with Malalo through the programme “Score One For Africa”. The West Islip Soccer Club has been shipping assorted items both new and used such as t-shirts, size 3-4 balls, and clothes boxes of uniforms and sports equipment.

Rush Soccer Inc
Rush Soccer and Malalo Sports Foundation are partners since December 2010. Have partnered with MSF to help with organizational remodeling, coaching, and international exposure for our young people and coaches. We are committed to learning from Rush Soccer on teaching fundamental skills, the organizations of the leagues, tournaments, athletics.

American Overseas Medical Aid Association (AOMAA)
Innovations towards better health and nutrition Food security program.



Trained local volunteers and coaches into using sports as a tool for education